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Dahlia's crew
Kisa's babies
This is Kisa taking care of Dahlia's babies...She
wants to make sure everyone is happy
Jina thinks if she hides the babies...they will become hers
How can you resist me???
This picture is of two kittens getting
very comfortable in their new home
with Xenia Ali of Bombay
Thanks Xenia for giving them such a
great home.  The pictures you have
sent me show they absolutely have the
best of everything.  I just thought this
one was really cute!
Hi Kim

This is just to put my point of view forward as a fellow breeder of Persian
cats and a client of your cattery pebblecreek himalayans. I totally
recommend your breeders and your cattery. I have imported your cats into
India without any problems and a lot of personal mentoring from you, with
extreme ease. You have even accommodated me with the time difference
and actively participated in the events from their time of export to the
birthing. :) You always made yourself available for any kind of support
and questions over Skype. All the kittens and breeders I adopted from your
cattery have arrived in India perfect in health and well being. Thank you
for the beauties and for being a very good friend and mentor. Excellent cats
excellent temperaments. Thank you.
Big hug