GC Whisperwood's Outa'Print of
3276-675090 Blue Pt.
Jaymick Lady Ashley of Cardinay
3051-733845 Blue Cream
GCRW Demiara's C Weed of Oceanstar,
3272-522784 Seal Pt.
Forages Bedour of Demiara
3273-466962 Seal Pt.
GR Brimar Cameron Clings of T. Renn
0176-162718 Blue Pt.
CH ROJOBET'S Minyaa Konka
3277-207222 Blue Pt.
CH Dreamers Keeping Up The Pace
3272-319390 Seal Pt.
CH Dreamers The Agony and The
3047-265538 Tortoiseshell
GC Tinshire Snap Shot of Sangralee
3276-237126 Blue Pt.
Twinshire Katrinka of Pentagram
3289-267197 Blue Cream Pt.
Sultans Spank'n New Of Stumar
3278-400259 Flame Pt.
Madame Nu's Winnefred Of Demilo
3047-277833 Tortoiseshell
GC Stumar's Goin' To Extremes
3272-880678 Seal P
Furkids After Dark
3009-885266 Black
Mr Hot Stuff
3010-490969 Red
Stumar's Molly
3289-631533 Blue-Cream Pt
CH Cardinay's Bacardi Breezer
3014-813001 Cream
CH Demiara Louis Castle Blue Ice
3277-830086 Blue Pt.
3276-272625 Blue Pt.
CH Dreamers Dream Maker of Rajobet
3273-663813 Seal Pt.
GC Frenchcreek Abit Above Of
3296-342996 Cream Pt.
CH Stumar's Gutsy
3047-471464 Tortoiseshell
CH, RW Desert Winds Gone To
Extremes3272-996085 Seal Pt.
R-Lil' Bambina Of Desert Winds
3293-793685 Tortie Pt.
Louis-Castle Little Blue
Button3006-905521 Blue
CH ROJOBET'S Tori Tufted Paws
3273-733847 Seal Pt.
CH Stumar's Doin' My Bit Desert Winds
3296-705413 Cream Pt.
Daily Sweetpea-Of-Courtash
3293-1168674 Tortie Pt.
Tufted Paws Buddy Love
3272-1369509 Seal Pt.
Courtash Ruby Red Of Cherrybirdie
3279-1403743 Flame Pt.
Pedigree for Boomer